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We've built an in-house Impact Producing core capacity to distinguish ourselves from other documentary film studios. Our impact campaign for "Dani’s Twins" includes more than a dozen organizations nationwide who work on relevant issues. Our impact campaign for "Patrol" received a major grant from Leonardo DiCaprio's Re:Wild nonprofit. We strive for impact.


Dani's Twins

Dani’s Twins, a short documentary, captures the pregnancy and early parenting journey of Daniela Izzie, one of the few quadriplegics ever to give birth to twins. While a source of great joy, Dani’s twin pregnancy is highly unusual and susceptible to an array of risks, ranging from blood pressure spikes that could lead to a stroke to the almost-certain likelihood of preterm labor. When Covid-19 strikes, it raises the stakes for an already complicated pregnancy. DANI’S TWINS chronicles how she and husband Rudy strive to overcome the physical risks and the biases that parents with disabilities face.

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