We aim to build a community and accelerate the adoption of web3 tools to amplify filmmaker autonomy, control, and ownership. It’s no accident we're a play on the word “perpetual”: Continuing forever … everlasting motion … valid for all time … occurring continually. Tl;dr: More money for more filmmakers over a longer life cycle.


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“IMAGINE HER” is the genesis NFT mint from nonprofit film3 studio Perpetuo Films, depicting an iconic digital journey envisioned by Creative Directors Dani Izzie and Alexa Carle-Hebert. The collection imagines women liberated from limitations and prejudice to embody diverse personas and vocations through space and time. It is a defiant reclamation for all women with disabilities, a milestone for digital inclusion, and watershed for women in NFTs.


The mission of “IMAGINE HER” is digital inclusion. While reversing the gender disparity for female NFT artists, we’ll also stamp out bias that disabled people face everyday. Together, we can create opportunities so the emerging web3 world is more inclusive than past communities, both online and offline.


Greek Goddesses (Creative Directors)

US-based Dani Izzie is an artist, writer, disability advocate, and wheelchair user. For this drop, she has collaborated with Canadian Alexa Carle-Hebert who shares Dani’s vision for equity and inclusion for people with disabilities. 



Louis Hébert is a renowned illustrator and painter, who runs a commercial graphic design studio in Montreal. The graphic quality, finesse and intelligence of Hébert's artworks are what have made his reputation.



“IMAGINE HER” is the genesis collection of Perpetuo NFT, the NFT arm of nonprofit film studio Perpetuo Films. It is a companion to the impact campaign and distribution of “Dani’s Twins,” the studio’s first release. Perpetuo exists to help build a thriving Web3 creator economy where creatives exercise more autonomy, control, and ownership.


“IMAGINE HER” will publish a detailed roadmap by July 1, 2022, for a release in Q3-Q4. This NFT collection is associated with the impact campaign and distribution of "Dani's Twins."